ICP’s Operations Center serves our local, regional, and national accounts with warehousing, configuration and integration, inventory, consignment, and logistics services.

Located in New York City, this 40,000-square foot facility is a showcase for the most advanced systems, quality processes, and methodologies in the industry. The Operations Center has continually earned the coveted ISO registration for quality since 1998, and currently holds the demanding 9001:2015 quality designation. ISO registration provides external, objective proof of the high level of ICP’s management and operating procedures, and our ongoing commitment to continual process improvement.

The centerpiece of this facility is ICP’s Quality Integration Center (QIC), which is the largest of its kind in New York City. The QIC has 60 benches with the capacity to process hundreds of thousands of systems annually.

Other key QIC features include:

  • Dedicated server area for hardware (e.g., blades; racks; network emulation and testing)
  • Dedicated server area for software (image and script development and management; network and operating system installations)
  • Proof of concept and site-in-a-box services

As importantly, the QIC operates under a 100% automated order management and quality control system.