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You Can Have The Most Cutting-edge IT Infrastructure Available, But Without Efficient Processes In Place, Your Organization Can Never Fully Leverage The Technology. By Adopting Efficient Workflows, You Increase ROI, Responsiveness, And Productivity
Strada BPM Solution

BPM technology creates an opportunity to revolutionize the efficiency of the business community by dramatically reducing manual business processes and leveraging software and services to provide total visibility into your organization. Discovering, documenting, automating, and continuously improving business processes will increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Developing a BPM strategy is a significant milestone in the larger journey toward continuous, enterprise-wide process improvement. Implementing that strategy, however, is equally important. Too many BPM plans are derailed by complex implementations. Our approach makes it possible to integrate to legacy systems, business-critical applications, and trading partners more efficiently and with minimal maintenance. .


ICP today provides competitive pricing and a range of value-added services to government organizations at the local, state, and national level. As a minority woman-owned business, ICP is authorized to provide professional, consulting, networking, and desktop support services under the Office of General Services (OGS) Contract for the State of New York. .


The biggest challenges for educational institutions today are improving student education, increasing operational efficiencies, and ensuring student safety. As such, it's imperative that IT departments support these overarching missions in meaningful and effective ways. However, as more of a school’s budget is allocated to academic and curriculum-based initiatives, IT departments must leverage technology that enables them to accomplish more with less.


As video surveillance systems increasingly rely on both IT and physical security components, the need for designing and deploying solutions to use video data more effectively and improving your overall security posture is critical. ICP partners with IBM’s Physical Security and Digital Video Surveillance (DVS) Services to help assess your security threat and vulnerability posture to develop, deploy, and support an integrated DVS solution that can address your physical security and IT needs.

Strada & Vyper

Strada Soft Test Drives DB2 "Viper" and Boosts Performance of Business Process Management StradaSoft uses XML and DB2 Viper to gain a competitive advantage and bring their BPM software to market faster.

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Companies need information to make smart business decisions, yet often lack broad visibility into their IT environments. Too many rely on guesswork and incomplete data to procure, upgrade, and manage their systems. This is where we can help.