6.1.1_StradaBPMBPM technology creates an opportunity to revolutionize the efficiency of the business community by dramatically reducing manual business processes and leveraging software and services to provide total visibility into your organization. Discovering, documenting, automating, and continuously improving business processes will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Strada BPM is a best-of-breed software engine developed by ICP with unmatched flexibility and functionality to create, execute, and review automated business processes. Strada BPM has the capability to discover, design, deploy, execute, interact with, operate, optimize, and analyze end-to-end business processes — and do so at the level of business design, rather than technical implementation.

The Strada BPM Suite is a web-based enterprise application that brings together workflow management, application integration, and process optimization that ultimately delivers:

  • Better visibility across processes and workflows
  • A tailored, enterprise-wide BPM strategy
  • Business process insights and improvements
  • Reduced chokepoints and slowdowns
  • Increased ROI

By providing tools to model, automate, and deploy more efficient processes, the Strada BPM Suite will help your organization move faster — with real-time visibility and instant results.

For more information on our Strada BPM Suite, contact us or visit the Strada website at www.stradasoft.com