Deployments can be deceptively complex and demanding. Although they are typically scoped with  standardized hardware and limited timeframes, a project can be derailed quickly without proper planning — resulting in delays, unnecessary down time, and unexpected costs.   ICP can help you avoid such pitfalls through our Deployment Management Services.

Each of our deployment engagements take a lifecycle management approach and address every facet of the deployment process, including:

  • Configuration
  • Logistics installations
  • Asset tracking
  • Retirement services
  • Product management

Leveraging our expertise across the entire deployment process, we lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and significantly increase end-user satisfaction — eliminating common points of failure through proven, systematic best practices. To date, we have managed and deployed billions of dollars worth of multi-vendor products.

The benefits of our Deployment Management Services can be further enhanced by utilizing our automated, web-based technology management system. Through Vision, you gain access and visibility to the critical information you need to make effective IT decisions.