Use of smartphones is essential to today’s business operations, but IT departments are often challenged by the lack of personnel, tools, or expertise to address the range and volume of smartphone issues. 

For this reason, ICP has expanded our SmartSwap mobile solution to provide the most comprehensive smartphone support in the industry.  Program highlights include:

  • Guaranteed 24-hour problem resolution through our depot-based replacement process (including all user applications and backup data pre-installed)
  • An online wireless billing management module, which organizes complex and confusing wireless charges—probably for the first time. Integrating data from single or multiple service providers, our unified report captures, but is not limited to:
    • User
    • Department
    • Billing period
    • Device manufacturer
    • Device model
    • Service provider
    • Service plan
    • Classifications of charges
    • Breakdown and total charges
    • Executive summary of billing results


  • Customized financial reports and trending reports to help project costs, prepare budgets, and evaluate management decisions.
  • Complete inventory and asset management (e.g., tracking by phone number, phone model, ESN Number, SIM card number, etc.)
  • Configuration and provisioning of the smartphone (e.g., user name and ID number, location, budget code, location, date of activation/origination, etc.)
  • Data for moves-adds-changes across a range of factors (e.g., users, phones, SIM Cards, upgrades, end-of-line disposal, etc.)

SmartSwap is available on a standalone basis to manage your organization’s smartphone environment. Or, make it part of a custom program that covers multiple mobile devices (and their users) throughout the enterprise.