Organizations with a large base of mobile users (such as sales teams, consultants, engineers, students, etc.) face major operating and financial challenges. The challenges begin with effective support and repair services, but also include issues of asset management, data protection, user productivity, accountability, and quality control.

For these reasons, ICP created SmartSwap Technology Services. Our solution enables your organization to efficiently manage laptops, tablets, smartphones, mobile printers, and other handheld devices—regardless of the user, location, or manufacturer. The functionality of SmartSwap integrates new services designed for the mobile environment with ICP’s best practices in maintenance, IT lifecycle management, and Help Desk support. 

Among the key advantages of SmartSwap: 

  • Decreased downtime and improved productivity
  • Fastest turnaround for problem resolution—24 hours guaranteed
  • Pre-installed custom images and user personalization on replacement units
  • Complete end-to-end asset management 
  • Single point of service for all devices, manufacturers, and warranties
  • Integrates with client’s Help Desk and other internal systems (e.g., MDM)
  • Complete process visibility at all times
  • Track, monitor, manage and protect
  • Essential features for management of smartphones 
  • Provides financial and personal accountability for mobile assets

There is no comparable service available in the industry. SmartSwap integrates systems, services, and support into a one-of-a-kind, single-source solution. Our solution has been proven to deliver the highest level of support and lifecycle management services for mobile devices.