In today’s business environment, storage costs are growing faster than server costs. Organizations need improved storage area networks (SANs) to manage faster access, increased data loads (e.g., high definition videos), and the latest compliance, security, and policy requirements.

ICP provides a strategic approach to the installation of physical storage network devices as well as virtualization technologies. We evaluate all aspects of your current storage infrastructure (e.g., capacity; performance; availability) against current and anticipated requirements. Then we compare the configuration and operation of our potential solution against best practices, before making our recommendations and developing a project plan.

ICP’s range of storage capabilities includes: 

  • Design
  • Integration
  • Deployment / migration
  • Storage and storage network virtualization
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) consolidation
  • Storage encryption
  • Storage tiering
  • Multiprotocol storage
  • Storage connectivity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data mobility
  • SAN security
  • Replication
  • Back-up management
  • Big Data services

Our goals are to improve storage access and performance, increase redundancy, strengthen data protection, and provide scalability for future needs— while leveraging your current infrastructure to as great an extent as possible.