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Helping Crack Down on Parking Scofflaws

The high cost of driving in the New York metropolitan area is a significant source of municipal revenue—whether that revenue comes from bridge and tunnel tolls, or payments generated both by legal parking fees and the tickets issued for parking violations. However, many parking scofflaws continue to avoid paying their summonses. The City of New York wanted a more robust, technology-driven solution to increase collections. In partnership with Republic Parking, ICP’s application development team developed the software and automation for a highly effective new system to obtain payment on past-due violations and summonses. Now there is a good chance that scofflaws owing more than $350 will find themselves unable to drive their cars until they settle their debts.

The goal was to create a system that would enable New York City law enforcement and marshals to identify delinquent vehicles real-time in the field, which could then be booted and towed. The owner would be required to pay off all debts in order to reclaim the car.

Republic subcontracted ICP and together we delivered a complete end-to-end solution for motor vehicle identification, immobilization, towing, payment, and related services. Highlights include:
• Coordination of all participating resources (parking field and management personnel, towing companies, payment vendors, etc.)
• Real-time access to Department of Finance case and scofflaw history in the field
• Customized management features at the borough and precinct level
• Simplifying the process to reclaim seized vehicles via online procedures and merchant payment options
• Delivery of all services through a secure web-based platform

This solution that ICP played a key role in developing has been praised as a success. For more details, see: https://risetekglobal.com/success-stories/nyc-vehicle-booting-case-study/

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