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Providing Urgent IT Support in Response to COVID

For two decades, ICP has been an essential service provider for New York City during the most challenging times and conditions. These crises included the rebuilding effort that followed 9/11 and the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. However, nothing previous had prepared anyone for the universal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2020, the highest levels of leadership in City government called on ICP for urgent IT support. One such request: the inventory management, configuration, provisioning, distribution, and project management for hundreds of thousands of technology devices. These devices were needed immediately by City employees, public school students, and emergency responders.

ICP’s ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Integration Center (located in New York City) played a critical role in this colossal effort. Our resources and facilities operated close to 24/7 capacity for the first months of the pandemic, living up to ICP’s brand “When Performance Counts.”; Highlights of our services included:
• Providing testing and proof of concept center to quickly validate requirements
• Building out the necessary infrastructure to support all technical specifications
• Assisting in the development of customized processes, procedures, testing, and methods
• Product provisioning, testing, asset tagging, and quality assurance
• Providing all operations, logistics, inventory receipt, and management functions
• Automated, real-time production reporting and analysis
• Support for inventory audits, reporting, and reconciliation

As important, we maintained the safest possible work environment—not only for ICP personnel but for the onsite representatives from the City and our partner/suppliers. All CDC guidelines were followed and enforced, with additional maintenance staff hired from the hospitality industry to clean and sanitize our facilities. (Their primary areas of focus: our integration and distribution centers during all hours of operation.)

Proudly, ICP was able to execute and deliver at 100% effectiveness. This effort (and others like it) resulted in ICP’s earning the Carey Gabay Award for Excellence and Innovation as a woman-owned business in New York State.

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